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Dungeon Crawl – Testing her Resolve

Third week of the most excellent Dungeon Crawl Hop.  If you want to read previous posts on this blog, click on the Dungeon Crawl link button below.

Back in the dungeon with Gemma and her Dominant, Jason. Having been flogged, tied up and left in quite a state of ‘being away with the fairies’, Jason sets about testing Gemma’s resolve. Will she be able to do as he asks or will she crack?


So when – with me trussed up with two clamps attached to my nipples and a chain stuffed into my mouth – he told me to pull the clamps off if I wanted a fuck, I may not have been fully listening to him. He had said something to me in a fog of painful arousal.  What had he said?

clamps“Fuck!” I screamed letting go of the chain after giving it a hard tug.

What was that he said about asking?

“Sir, please do it for me,” I whimpered barely coherent.

“You’re asking me?” he said sharply.

“Noooo,” I cried out quickly and he pressed the chain back into my open mouth.

“That was asking, don’t deny it,” he said dispassionately.

He went across to the other side of the room and came back with tiny crocodile clamps, which he attached between my toes on both feet.  I writhed, trying hard to accommodate the extra discomfort.  Far from wanting to end the scene, I was aroused by his erotic humiliation. Making me beg for sex with my body was strangely gratifying knowing he found it thrilling. Behind his façade of indifference, he was stiff for me. I was convinced of it. I shut my eyes and tugged but the blasted clamps did not budge.

“Help pleathe,” I tried to say.

“Help you? Why would I do that?  You want a fuck, you pull that chain. Keep trying.” He folded his arms this time and perched on the arm of the divan. “I’m enjoying this. You resist and I’ll keep putting things on you, so I suggest you do it.” Jason stood back and waited.

I glared at him and wanted very much to say, ‘you bastard’. He would probably fuck me anyway. Try as I may to resist his demands I could not.  I tugged harder and harder and I could feel the clamps stretching out my nipples.  I howled and let go of the chain. Jason slowly strolled over and slipped a finger inside my clenching pussy.  Taking it out, he smeared my wetness around the clamps.

“A little bit of lube to help the clamps come off. You are ridiculously wet you know that?” He put the chain back in my mouth.

The juices worked and with a sharp jerk, I pulled on the chain. The rush of pain broke me out of my trance as I yanked off the nipple clamps using my mouth. The pain peaked immediately and I shook close to tears.

“What a fuss. I was going to put clothes pegs on you and whip them off.”

“Oooo,” I muttered.  His other idea actually sound quite enticing.  I was definitely in a pleasure / pain seeking mood.  Up to a point. I also wanted a thorough seeing to.

“Well done.” He patted my leg and removed the clamps and chain from where they were resting, along with the other attachments.  His humiliating torment was not finished there.

“Now you can ask me,” he told me.

I wanted nothing else in the world at that precise minute than to be used.

“Please, sir, fuck me,” I moaned.

“Not very appealing is it? Fuck me! You may be a slut in here, Gemma, but have some self-respect.  Try again.  Ask me.”

He perched back on the divan and inspected his fingernails as if they were the most important thing in his world. Somehow the make-me-wait approach made him incredible sexy and so, so dominant.  Me, lying there gaping was not inviting enough for him, he wanted me to beg.  I had the sensation I was dripping down between my bum crack.

“Please, sir. Use your pussy for your pleasure. Please put your lovely cock deep inside me,” I practically wailed red faced.

“Why should I?”

Oh shit, come on, Jason! Were the words in my head. What I actually said was different. “I’m yours, sir. Utterly and unconditionally yours,” I surrendered.  If that did not do it for him, I wondered what else I could possibly say to convince him.


Next week, something different…. no dungeon and not even in the same room together?



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7 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl – Testing her Resolve

  1. You sure do a good job of leaving us hanging!


    Posted by serafinasamadhi | March 12, 2014, 15:24
  2. A “fog of painful arousal” – perfect description. Love it and what a hot scene with so much emotion!


    Posted by Normandie Alleman (@NormandieA) | March 12, 2014, 15:24
  3. very vivid, sexy scene!!!


    Posted by katherinedeane | March 13, 2014, 02:16
  4. Hell, it would do it for me – don’t know why Jason should be any different!


    Posted by cpmandara | March 13, 2014, 08:07
  5. I absolutely loved that! So unbearably hot! I’m glad to know this book is waiting on my Kindle 🙂


    Posted by Joelle Casteel | March 13, 2014, 14:02
  6. “Making me beg for sex with my body…” Wow! The whole theme of this scene is intensely hot. What a mindf- DAMNED well done!!


    Posted by Sheri Savill | March 14, 2014, 00:15


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