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Monday Morsel – Innuendos

Actions speak louder than words – that is the saying. What happens when those actions have to be kept hidden away and you have nothing left but words?   Two lovers, learning about each other, have secrets. She suspects nothing. He, on the other hand, might know something about her.

It’s fun to sometimes write a little dramatic irony. The reader has to guess a long with the players. The writer – how much to reveal, what hints to give, what to keep under wraps.

snookerOn their own in the Billiard Room, a game of snooker becomes a game of innuendos for Jason and Gemma as both skirt around revealing the truth.


One attempt at playing snooker had resulted in me being ‘soundly beaten’. My own declaration of defeat had nearly caused me to go too far with my nuances.

“Soundly beaten?” he repeated as I watched the black disappear down the corner pocket.

I tried desperately hard not to let my ears go bright pink. “Yes. Lost.”

“Funny, for a moment there I thought you were alluding to something else,” he said taking the cue out of my hands.

“Not sure what you mean,” I said running my finger over the baize. “It’s just a game. You’re far more experienced at it than me.”

“So it would appear, since you potted only six reds and no colours.”

“I prefer pool.” Which was true, I could manage with a smaller table.

“On this full size table, you need to rely on balls hitting their target, not pocketing by chance.”

Hitting their target, his words made me unsettled inside. He was damn good with his aim and I could not fault his accuracy. There was a large gap between our capabilities. He rolled the cue ball across the table straight into a pocket as if to make a point.

“I can do better than chance,” I declared. “I was put off by all those extra balls on the table, they get in the way.”

“Snookered you were. It’s called snooker for a reason. Clouded your vision did they?”


“Do you need an incentive to help focus your sight?” he said watching me trace my finger along the baulk line.

My finger paused. “Can’t think of anything…..” I could but I was not going down that particular path. I dodged and weaved mentally the various images in my mind.  “Doesn’t alter the fact you’ve had way more practise than me.”

“Well, perhaps while I’m in my study, you should practise. I don’t want you to feel at too much of a disadvantage.”

“I think, Mr Lucas,” I said carefully, “I’m constantly at disadvantage with you.”

He pursed his lips, smiled enigmatically and he left me to practise.



Trust Me to Know YouWhat happens when a kink loving young woman has to come to terms with a traumatic episode in her life? Does she give up her past? Can she trust again?

He lives a secret lifestyle, but even with wealth and power, he cannot find companionship to meet his needs. He seeks a woman, with whom to have an enduring relationship and yet, it has to have something special, perhaps challenging, to entice him.

Gemma Marshall, a young woman with a secret past, resigns from a good job to work as an intern for J.D.Lucas Ltd in the heart of the City of London.  Within weeks, she is seduced by the company boss Jason Lucas.

A whirlwind of weekend trysts at his country mansion leads to revelations from both of them.  Her terrifying nightmares are re-awakened by him and his need to dominate her.  Their passionate and highly erotic affair reaches crisis point when her ex-lover comes to seek retribution from her.

Can Gemma survive another relationship with an alluring master of the bedroom?  Will she find love at last or turn her back on her natural impulses?

Trust Me to Know You is a fictional account of two people who begin a journey together and it is the first volume of their story.  Both characters are sexy, know what they want in life and how to have pleasure in their sex lives. One takes control and the other yields. In the bedroom there are the erotic scenes of kink, the trappings of BDSM and it can be intoxicating – and dangerous.

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About Jaye Peaches

I'm an author of erotic D/s romances including Amazon bestsellers. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take the time to read one of my books. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Monday Morsel – Innuendos

  1. Wonderful Jaye, just love the innuendoes!



    Posted by Roz | March 17, 2014, 10:29

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