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#WiPitUp – #Erotic reunion

WIPimage12Today is WiP it Up Wednesday and an opportunity to share an excerpt from my current Work in Progress – Ruled by Him, the second in the series Sublime Trust.

A little sexier than usual and being a WiP, it may or may not getting even sexier 🙂

Circumstances have kept Gemma and Jason apart for a while. Now, they’re on the same page again, he’s keen to reclaim her.


Jason lit scented candles and switched off the lights. Shadows flickered on the walls. The subtle aroma of lavender hung in the air about them. Mesmerised by his purposeful arrangement of the room, she knew what awaited her. She felt the familiar quickening in her lower belly. While he undressed, her eyes refused to blink, not wanting to skip a moment of their time together.

His cock was resplendently hard and leapt out of his pants. He leant against the closet door, stroking his erection with a hand. “Your turn.”

She slipped out of her clothes as seductively as possible. Each layer stripped way with a wriggle of her hips. Her knickers slid down her legs and she kicked them over to him. He caught her panties and sniffed them.

“Mmmm.” The lacy knickers ended up on the floor. “Next time, I’m going to tear them off you.”

She edged closer, hiding her trembling hands behind her back. His hands cupped her face and drew her into his arms.

“Babe, I’ve missed you,” he said softly, burying his nose in her hair.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“I’m going to make love to you, nothing else for tonight.”

“I like that idea.  I think I could go with it,” she whispered.

Leaning against him, she kissed the apex of his breastbone. He tasted slightly salty with a trace of shower gel.

Suddenly, he bent down, capturing her in his arms. She whooped with surprise. He scooped her up and tossed her on the bed.

His hands explored her flesh, each curve and dip, the raised nipple, the exposed neck, the firm buttock cheeks and all of her secret treasures. He smeared fragrant oils across her body. She shimmered in the candle light. After a long leisurely build-up, which drove her to the edge of coming, he settled between her legs, nudging her knees apart with his hands.

A gentle penetration. She groaned, biting on her lips to mute the sound. He seemed to savour her, dipping in and out, rocking his hips against her thighs.  His arms acted like pillars, supporting his weight on either side of her head. She wanted him closer, to feel his chest press down on her.  Her hands gripped about his shoulders. She hung on to him as he lingered between her legs, neither picking up his pace nor halting. A rhythmic thrust, like the tick-tock of a clock’s hands. Coiling her limbs around his waist, she became a limpet, stuck fast to him and each thrust sent ripple-like waves crashing around her beached body.


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About Jaye Peaches

I'm an author of erotic D/s romances including Amazon bestsellers. All my books contain an element of BDSM, spankings or erotic games of sensual exploration. If you desire a little thrill, something to entice, then please take the time to read one of my books. Thank you!


10 thoughts on “#WiPitUp – #Erotic reunion

  1. That’s what I call a reunion! LoL. Wonderful snippet Jaye. Very erotic and great imagery!



    Posted by Roz Harrison | July 23, 2014, 13:44
  2. Ohh lovely – a beautiful slow awakening of the flesh. But I’m with him. Next time, tear ’em off ! 🙂


    Posted by cpmandara | July 23, 2014, 16:18
  3. It’s sexy that he inhales her essence when she kicks over her panties. And I have to agree with Christina… ‘Tear them Off’ Jason, Tear them Off.


    Posted by Melody Parks | July 23, 2014, 18:10
  4. Sexy, sexy scene. I love when he scooped her up and she whooped, that made me laugh. I have to agree with everyone else, just rip them off, Jason!


    Posted by Casey McKay | July 23, 2014, 18:31
  5. You had me at resplendently hard cock, Jaye. Wonderfully erotic reunion. Makes me want to take a trip so I can come home again. 🙂


    Posted by Maddie Taylor | July 24, 2014, 03:22
  6. The line that piqued my attention the most was that he was going to make love to her, nothing else for the night. Makes me wonder what else they might do together. Very sexy. As for ripping, I kind of like the way he holds back and admires her rather than rushes in to take what’s his. Yes, he’s claiming her, but it is with gentleness and deep affection. Not lust. I like that.


    Posted by krblake | July 24, 2014, 05:06
  7. And it may get sexier, okay, I’ll know to have a fan handy.


    Posted by Leigh Smith | July 24, 2014, 15:51
  8. Yeah, I was also thinking about him saying “… nothing else for tonight”, and the fact that she liked the idea. Hmm – what else do they do? Very sensual and erotic. Nice one!:)


    Posted by Shelly Douglas (@PossessingSasha) | July 24, 2014, 21:48
  9. ooh, lovely sensual feast, from the scented clock right through to the ripple like waves crashing. Very erotic.


    Posted by tarafinneganromance | July 24, 2014, 22:20
  10. sighs, what a beautiful scene, Jaye. thanks for sharing


    Posted by Joelle Casteel | July 25, 2014, 00:11

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