Blue-eyes and Barbie

A little introduction to Jason….

The wine had been poured and Judith was sitting between his legs. Looking at his bare feet, she let out a small snigger.

“What?” asked Garratt, taking the proffered wine glass from her hand.

“Nothing, well, just remembering something at the party I went to last night.”

“Lucky you,” said Garratt gruffly. “I get lumbered with a business do, you get to go to so called parties.”

“There was food, little bite size things and music, the usual people – it was a party. Plus a fresh face,” said Judith. “It was your feet which reminded me of him.”

Judith was the party animal, while Garratt preferred the social occasion of a dinner or meal out at a grand restaurant. She often went on her own to parties with the proviso she had to fill him in on the gossip and news. Most of the guests knew each other well and interacted comfortably with each other. Occasionally there were the newcomers. They drifted into the scene, experimented and mixed, then most disappeared back to where they came from. Judith did not resent their presence; it was important to explore and meet people. She was also a sociable creature and tried to make the new arrivals welcome.

“What kind?” he asked.

Judith understood the question, “Dom kind. Your kind, sir,” she said snuggling back against his leg.

Garratt was not particularly interested. He met men who stated their dominance, then proceeded to boss everyone around regardless of etiquette or others who simply wanted sex with the trappings of kink: the blindfolds, gags and ropes. They came to learn technique but generally were unwilling or uninspired with the notion of dominance being a state of mind.  To Garratt, his relationship with Judith would have disintegrated if he had not demonstrated his consistency and integrity.  Being able to tie fancy knots or tease with some sexual toy was only half the story. To have a woman under his control meant her letting herself go and giving him her submission. A state of being requiring trust and the ability to handle responsibilities.  Naturally, Garratt enjoyed the kinky moments, the swinging of his favoured whip or the elaborate bondage used in suspending his subs. There was the subtler side to his persona though. The little moments of humiliating Judith, a request for her to follow without explanation or a decision which was entirely his to make and hers to obey.

“Good-looking,” said Judith unable to contain her recollections.

“Oh?” said Garratt. He was surprised by her remark, Judith rarely commented on looks.

“Blue-eyed blonde.  Early twenties, I suppose, quite tall, rugby shoulders or rower, that kind of build,” she described him as if he was sitting opposite her.

“I see,” said Garratt shifted uncomfortably. “Made an impression did he?”

“Oh yes. Especially on what’s her name.”

“What’s her name?”

“Bleached hair down to the waist, likes to wear skin tight dresses that halt below her arse.  Can’t remember her name,” said Judith infuriated.

“Barbie doll you mean,” said Garratt with a chuckle. “Legs to armpits. Always makes a beeline for new fodder, can’t resist them.  Did she flutter her eyelashes at him?”

“Yes,” said Judith. “All meek and innocent like. Brought him a drink and sat at his feet, trying to make polite conversation. He saw right through her and boy, did he milk her.”

Garratt shifted on his seat – he was intrigued. “How?”

“Well, he’s got the voice down to perfection,” explained Judith. “I think it’s totally natural for him, nothing contrived. All cool and no expression. Then his blue eyes, well, you have to see for yourself.”

“Where were you?”

“Nearby, it wasn’t too crowded by then, so I perched on a stool and was having a chill moment. I heard him speak….”

“To Barbie?”

“Please don’t interrupt, sir. Let me tell you,” said Judith frowning.

“Go on.”

She offers to fetch him another drink. He declines but asks her to lick his shoes instead. – I guess, as I didn’t hear the start of their conversation, but I saw what she did – She can’t resist and kneels down to do the deed, bum up and hair wrapped around his legs.  She does it daintily and he comments that he can’t feel a thing.

“Take off my shoes.”

She does, undoing the laces and easing his feet out.  She wrinkles her nose at his socks.

“They’re fresh on, don’t be fussy! Take them off, don’t lose them.”

She rolls down his grey socks and stuffs them into his shoes.

“Now, refresh my feet.”

She bends down, she licks the tops of his feet, and then she sucks his toes. Slobbering noisy, strong sucks, which attract the whole room, everyone is watching. He does nothing but sits there, head resting on the back of the armchair, eyes staring straight ahead.

“Stop. What a disgusting mess you’ve made of my feet. Clean them up. Go on.”

Barbie scurries off.

“Warm water mind you and decent soap!” he calls after her.

She comes back with a bowl of tepid water, a flannel, a bar of soap and a hand towel. She proceeds to leisurely wash his feet.

“Very good. Put my socks and shoes back on.”

Kneeling there, she struggles with the socks and then pushes his shoes on, doing up the laces.

“Very good, my friend would like to say thank you,” he tells her.

“Friend?” queries Barbie.

“Yes, sitting opposite me and behind you. He has just been treated to a very good view of your arse, hung out there for him to enjoy. He particularly likes your crotchless knickers.”

Barbie goes pink and scrambles to her feet.

“Did I say get up?” he says pointing to the floor.

“Sorry,” and she’s back down again.

“You’re very flushed,” blue-eyes says. “Why don’t you use this lovely warm water to wash yourself.”

She nods with that vacant expression, like everything he says she’s going to do regardless.  She goes to wash her face.

“Oh no, not there, between your legs. You look a little damp according to my friend.”

Who, I should point out has said not a word. –  Barbie looked that way when you’re going to do something you don’t really want to do but something tells you to do it. – She washes herself, not too wet, just a dab between the legs and she’s all shaky by now, really struggling to contain herself.

“And the other side.”

Barbie reaches round and wipes her bottom. The knickers barely cover anything of her.

“Well done. Now you can wash your face.”

Oh boy, does he milk her. There she is with a flannel, which has washed his feet, her pussy and arse, and now it’s going to do her face. Needless to say, she practically came when she wafted the flannel over her face.

Garratt laughed. “Barbie is such a fun. Always game for a little humiliation. Your blue-eyes?”

“Just smiled at his friend, a kind of ‘there we are’ expression. As if he was making a point.”

“His friend?”

“Why a certain American dentist.”

“Jude, you naughty girl. Why didn’t you say he was friends with him. Well, in that case, we should invite your blue-eyes around for a meal. Get to know the young man. What was his name?”

“Jason something,”

Judith was delighted. She and Garratt were not monogamous. They had no agreement which bound her to him. She spent most weekends with him and some evenings. The rest of the time, they were free agents.  Eventually Garratt would settle and Judith assumed she would be the one he chose, but in the meantime, there was fun to be had and blue-eyed Jason was definitely going to be fun.




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