Back to School

school satchel“I’m not going.” She stomped upstairs.

He stood by the bottom step with a hand on his hip and watched her feet disappear. “Oh yes you are, young lady.”

“I’m not….” Her voice vanished into the bedroom.

Jack groaned and trotted upstairs after her. He stuck his head round the door and found her lying face down on the bed. “Mel, don’t do this.”  He sat on the edge of the bed. “You’re always like this at the beginning of a new school year, or term for that matter. You’ve had long summer break and it’s tough going back, but you have to. Come on, or you’ll be late.”

“I don’t want to,” she mumbled into the pillow. “I hate it.”

“No you don’t.”

“Bollocks. I don’t want to go and sit in that classroom.”

“Mouth, Mel. You can’t use that kind of language at school. You’ll get into trouble.” He patted the bed. “Get you’re stuff—“

She lifted her head off the pillow. “No!” The petulant tone increased.

Jack folded his arm across his chest. “Melanie Sykes, this is your last warning. Get up, downstairs and off to school.”

She twisted on the bed, turning to sit up slightly with one elbow propped on the pillow. “You wouldn’t.” Her eyes narrowed.

“I would.” He rose and faced her. “Melanie, don’t test me.”

“Test you? I’ve got weeks of bloody tests to do and you think you can snap your fingers and… and…” She stopped.

Jack’s pressed his lips firmly together. It was going to happen. There would be no backtracking. She’d earned it. She promised to be good about starting back at school. No hissy fit on the first day, she told him. Yet, here she was mouthing off at him.

“Melanie. Stand up.” He used his most serious voice. Her shoulders tensed and her jaw dropped.

“Please, you don’t have to do this. I’ll be good and-”

“Too late. We agreed, if you slipped up on this, you got spanked.” He moved, planning his next step if she continued to resist him.

Her lower lip trembled and she seemed to have frozen to the bed. Jack glared his most hardest of expressions. It didn’t matter that he felt excited about the idea of taking her over his lap, she would only see his stern face and nothing else. She slid slowly across the bed and lowered her feet on to the carpet. Rising slowly, she shuffled into an upright posture – feet tucked close together and hands clasped behind her back. She kept her eyes down.

“Lift up your skirt and take down your knickers.”

She hesitated with one last attempt at counter measures – peering at him from under her fringe, she fluttered her eyelashes and gave him her doleful eyes.  He dismissed her imploring expression with a small shake of his head. Resigned to her fate, she bent over and with quivering fingers found the hem of her grey pleated skirt. She hoicked her skirt up and using her thumbs, hooked the elasticated waistband of her knickers, lowering them. They dropped around her ankles. A slither of white against her tanned legs.

“Now. Lift the skirt up at the back.” He had to see it bared. Nothing else would do.

The skirt rose up behind her and she held the edge about the small of her back. At the front, she remained covered.

Jack settled himself on the edge of the bed. Reaching out, he squeezed her elbow and propelled her head first over his lap.

“Please.” Her final pathetic entreaty didn’t hamper his intentions. He tucked the hem of the skirt in the elasticated waistband and examined her bottom.  Beautifully white and unblemished. Two milky lobes of rotund flesh.

“Put you hands on your head.”

Her hands took their time to reach their destination. “Melanie. We haven’t got time for your games. You’ll earn extra.”

Her hands shot on to the back of her head.

The first smack of his hand landed crisply on her right buttock. The pink imprint immediately formed. She yelped and before the sound dissipated, he landed another on the other cheek. Wrapping his arm about her waist, he continued. Her toes danced on the carpet and her fingers clawed at her blonde hair. The temptation to caress and soothe between spanks remained strong, but it would ruin the purpose of the spanking. She had to feel the pain and respond to it.

It didn’t take long for her to crumble. She sniveled and sniffed noisily, writhed and jolted after each firm whack. Her pert bottom changed from white, to pink and finally the cherry crimson of a well spanked rear. Speed was the essence. She couldn’t be late back on the first day of school.

“I’ll go!” she blurted.

“Of course you will.” He didn’t pause and kissed her bottom with another swing of his hand.

“Please stop.” She turned and he caught sight of the red brimmed eyes and snotty nose. She would have to smartened herself up before they left the house.

“Not yet.” He always believed the spanking began when she asked him to stop. From then on, she truly let herself go.  The rigid form across his lap slumped and she released her tight grip on her hair.

“You’re going to feel this every time you sit down in class today.” Another boisterous slap echoed about the room.

“I know,” she sniffed. “Thank you.” The last words were barely audible.

Jack ceased. “Good girl.”

She curled up on his lap, sniffling into his shirt lapels. “I don’t hate it. I just struggle to accept I have to go. Once I’m there…”

“I know, Mel. We have this every time. Your warm butt will keep you on your toes today.”

She sniggered. “I’ve no intention of sitting down if I can help it.”

He knelt as she perched on the bed and he slipped her knickers back up her legs.

“Now, tidy up and get your bag. I’ll drop you off at the school gates on the way to work.”

“Thank you.” She gave him a sweet smile and he pinched her cheek between his finger and thumb.

“There. You look quite rosy and ready to face anything.”

She sat very still in the car and he said nothing. Mentally she had to find her own way to face the first day. Once it was over with, she would be fine again, back to old self.

He pulled up outside the school gates. She smoothed down her skirt and swung her legs out of the car. He leaned over, catching her cheek with a kiss before she rose. “Later. I’ll pick you up.”

Another little smile from her. One he would cherish.

She swung her hips in tandem with her satchel – an old leather one inherited from her doting grandmother. A jaunty stroll past the wrought iron gates. Her outward demeanour probably hid her real nerves, but she would only reveal them to him and nobody else.


Melanie halted to greet a tall lad. “Hello, Dan.”

“Did you have a good holiday, Mrs Sykes?”

Jack listened through the open car window to her answer. “Very good. I’m looking forward to teaching you again. You’d best hurry on in, the bell is about to go.”

She swiveled and shot a glance at Jack. She seemed relaxed, just as he liked her. She waved and he returned the gesture. Mission accomplished. She was back at school.



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