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#MasturbationMonday – thinking about him

It’s been a while since I last did a MM. Bathing is often a good time to mull over things, and with it might come the temptation. Iona, a conscripted servant, has just started work for Xane as a servant and found out he is a virgin claimer. *** The wet room was small and … Continue reading

#ScintillatingSunday – Keeping Still

For Scintillating Sunday, I’m required to scintillate, which must mean something dirty, hot and erotic. At least, that’s how I’m interpreting the instructions. Trapped in a vehicle, nowhere to go, she submits. *** There was no time for kisses or testing fingers; she had to be ready enough for his fully formed erection. With his … Continue reading

#WipItUp – All dressed up

Nervous about a night out? Or excited at the thought of doing something different?  Iona is all dressed up and about to experience a party like no other. Xane, her master, wants her to look the part. Here’s an excerpt from my new spanking romance Taken as Payment. *** “Are you sure this looks all … Continue reading

#WipItUp – A beautiful specimen

Revealing some of my current Work in Progress today. A sci-fi story set in the fictional world of Chandros. Xane has been out collecting taxes, except when taxes aren’t paid by a Minorem commune they must forfeit some of their young people instead. He’s just returned with a new shipment, including Ursa, who’s not happy … Continue reading

#WipitUp – Challenges

The trouble with works in progress is drawing a line underneath the constant editing and deciding enough is a enough, publish it. Putting the breaks on is a challenge, so when I came to merge three books into one for publishing on Kindle Unlimited (one borrow=three books!), I had to hold back my writer’s instinct … Continue reading

#WipitUp – a privilege, not a conquest

Another book is with the editor. Always some trepidation about what will come back! For now, I can share a little on WipitUp Wednesday. No title as yet. It’s a Sci-Fi spanking romance, but more of an alternative reality Sci-Fi, so no aliens with green blood or pointy ears. Ursa has been given to Xane. … Continue reading

Last chance for FREE box set

Just one day left to grab three books bundled into one FREE one – Sublime Trust. If you’ve not had a chance to read the whole series, then snaffle it up quick on Amazon. After Tuesday, you can still download for free as  a single borrow on Kindle Unlimited, so that’s three books=one borrow. Gemma, … Continue reading

Sublime Trust – #Freebook for limited time only!

I’ve released a box set and it’s my first foray into Kindle Unlimited. All three full length novels (each a complete story) of Sublime Trust are now packaged into one for Kindle.  To help celebrate the launch, you can download for free from today for 5 days, or borrow the set on Kindle Unlimited. There’s spankings, … Continue reading

#ScintillatingSunday – is it what you expected?

Hello to Scintillating Sunday. This is my first time up here with the Mile High Muses and their blog hop, and my scintillating tease is taken from Indulge Me. What started out as a game conducted through texts and emails is blossoming into something different. At last, Saffron and Gideon have a chance to meet … Continue reading

#MySexySaturday #Saturday7 – Meet the Man

It’s a My Sexy Saturday and a chance to meet Gideon, the man in my new book, Indulge Me.  Saffron is lying on his bed, waiting for him, but all he seems to do is tease her with his body. Here’s my 7 sexy paragraphs… ***     She’d managed to keep her attention on … Continue reading



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I will spank you until I am satisfied and I believe you have atoned.

Erotic D/s Romance with Kinky Games

I really want to get to know you, Saffron. All of you. I want to taste you.

BDSM BOX SET available on Kindle Unlimited for free

What I care about is trust. I need, we both need, to trust each other absolutely.

Amazon Historical Erotica bestseller

For the duration of this, you will address me as my lord.

Spanking Romance

A disciplined mind will learn to curb her tongue.

Erotic Romance

Passions collide, will they survive?

Regency Romance

Just as you favour the uniform outwardly, I favour the well-behaved wife, visible to all, especially me

Victorian Romance

Viola was achieving the impossible: she had reawakened a deeply buried need in him.

BDSM D/s Series

You will find your submission and cling to it. Sink into it. You will let go and remind yourself who controls you. My dominance will hold sway, undiluted and unabated, until I am satiated.

I will give you protocols, specific rules to follow to help you cope.

Wait for me in my stateroom in a suitable pose, something that will please me. I have expectations

Star-crossed lovers

Enemies by day, lovers by night

Off-world Romance

I promise to be all that you desire in a wife.

Erotic Romance involving Bondage

Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely

Swinging Sixties Romance

I’m going to take care of you, just like last time. I will get you up every morning, tuck you up at night, make sure you are safe

BDSM erotica

One day, all I will have to do is kiss you, and you will come for me