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Taken as Payment – Out Now!

My latest offering is out on Amazon!  Taken as Payment is out of this world and some place where marriage is forbidden, sex is purely for pleasure and bad behaviour will result in a spanking.   They’d put something in her drink, something that made her slumber in a dreamless sleep. She’d been too thirsty … Continue reading

#WipItUp – Spank me then!

I’m back from a family trip, which involved lots of sightseeing and it’s left me with weary feet and piles of laundry. No writing achieved, but lots of reading time and I’ll be updating my recommended reads soon. So, back to business, and a new book!  I can now reveal some more details. Taken as Payment … Continue reading

#MasturbationMonday – Dreaming of a spanking

It’s Monday and a hot day, not weather wise, this is England, but certainly the words on my screen are toasting.  Join in the Masturbation Monday fun and meet a character from my latest book, Sophia and the Duke, a young widow with too much time on her hands. Sophia has been threatened with a … Continue reading

#Wipitup – Pillow talk

It’s another opportunity for a sneak preview of my forthcoming release – Perfect Notes – which is due out on the 14th. Do you find talking about sex a challenge? All those fantasies kept secret and hidden away – would you ever talk about them? Stefan is encouraging his girlfriend, Callie, to open up so … Continue reading

Imagining naughtiness – #SpankAtoZ #WipitUp

Today’s letter is I for imagination and it forms part of my WipitUp Wednesday post too. Fiction is all about imagining the make-believe, conjuring up fantasies and putting words to them. These scenes could be my fantasies, although I’m not a bottomless pit of ideas, so I also try to imagine what other people might fantasize about … Continue reading

#SexySnippets – Removing the Undies

Hello to the Nuthouse Scribblers and Sunday’s Sexy Snippets. A whole day of waiting to have your fantasy come true – no, not reading this blog – but Megan, the heroine in my latest spanking romance story, has been given her instructions: be outside co-worker Jeremy’s door at 6pm and no undies. *** Switching off … Continue reading

#Wipitup – Tell Me

Hello to Wipsters – Time for a work in progress and it’s working its way through the editing process at the moment. With a working title of Playing Safe, I present to you Jeremy, a dentist and dominant  and Megan, who has already been on the receiving of his spanking hand and is now contemplating … Continue reading

Honey and the Master

Easter is upon us – wishing you all a happy holiday, a suitable quantity of chocolatey goodness and spring-like weather. I’m busy editing, and expect to be doing so on and off for most of April as I have three different books at various stages of completion – one spanking romance, the last part of Sublime … Continue reading

#WipitUp – The Dental Chair

Welcome to WipitUp blog hop. I’m working on a spanking story for possible submission to an anthology.  The idea is based around a dental practice where receptionist, Megan, fantasizes about the kinky use of a dental chair. When new dentist, Jeremy, catches her being impolite to a patient, things go somewhat further than she imagined. … Continue reading

Tania reveals her secrets

I’m making a guest appearance on Tori Carson’s blog.  That isn’t entirely true. Tania is putting in an appearance. The lead character from Touched has put herself in the spotlight to answer some questions about how I portrayed her in the book. Now given the level of personal details I reveal about her, she might … Continue reading



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Erotic D/s Romance with Kinky Games

I really want to get to know you, Saffron. All of you. I want to taste you.

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What I care about is trust. I need, we both need, to trust each other absolutely.

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A disciplined mind will learn to curb her tongue.

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Just as you favour the uniform outwardly, I favour the well-behaved wife, visible to all, especially me

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Viola was achieving the impossible: she had reawakened a deeply buried need in him.

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You will find your submission and cling to it. Sink into it. You will let go and remind yourself who controls you. My dominance will hold sway, undiluted and unabated, until I am satiated.

I will give you protocols, specific rules to follow to help you cope.

Wait for me in my stateroom in a suitable pose, something that will please me. I have expectations

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Enemies by day, lovers by night

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I promise to be all that you desire in a wife.

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Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely

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I’m going to take care of you, just like last time. I will get you up every morning, tuck you up at night, make sure you are safe

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One day, all I will have to do is kiss you, and you will come for me