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Last chance for FREE box set

Just one day left to grab three books bundled into one FREE one – Sublime Trust. If you’ve not had a chance to read the whole series, then snaffle it up quick on Amazon. After Tuesday, you can still download for free as  a single borrow on Kindle Unlimited, so that’s three books=one borrow. Gemma, … Continue reading

Sublime Trust – #Freebook for limited time only!

I’ve released a box set and it’s my first foray into Kindle Unlimited. All three full length novels (each a complete story) of Sublime Trust are now packaged into one for Kindle.  To help celebrate the launch, you can download for free from today for 5 days, or borrow the set on Kindle Unlimited. There’s spankings, … Continue reading

#6besthop – Pleased by a tease

For the Six of the Best blog hop, I’m teasing you. That’s the idea for the book Tease to Please, which involves 50 authors and 50 free excerpts from one of their books. You can read all about it in this post or go straight to the Amazon link. I chose Judged by Him as … Continue reading

Dominance in action – #SpankAtoZ

Dominance and submission is the theme for my books, whether it is demonstrated with a spanking, bondage or other kind of kink, it is there in the background. Sometimes dominance expresses itself not through sex, but with a simple expectation of obedience on the part of the submissive. She is his to control, and the thrill comes … Continue reading

#Satspanks – eyeballing

After an absence, I’m back here for the Saturday Spankings blog hop sharing a snippet from Judged by Him, the first in my Sublime Trust trilogy. The third is on its way – I promise! Jason and Gemma are taking an exotic cruise, but unfortunately from time to time Jason has to work. He’s invited … Continue reading

#Satspanks – Go stand in the corner

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Ever had one of those moments when you just can’t get things right?  You say the wrong thing, can’t find the right mood for the occasion?  Gemma is trying hard to find her submissive qualities at the start of a three week cruise on board her husband’s luxury yacht – the … Continue reading

#MasturbationMonday – Putting on a show

It’s a Monday and I’m posting this on Kayla Lords #MasturbationMonday Hop Masturbation is considered a solitary activity. Perhaps done under the sheets, in the shower, the bath – furtive and accompanied by  sotto voce moans. Getting off is not a performing art and having to masturbate on demand in front of an audience can kill an arousal … Continue reading

#MySexySaturday – Sexy little words

My Sexy Saturday – This week’s theme is Our Sexy Little Words.  I’ve picked a gentle, sexy moment from Judged by Him. A little aside between two lovers. Gemma is a submissive wife, an artist and a dancer. While on board the yacht Sublime, she’s been dancing for her husband, Jason, who likes to watch. *** … Continue reading

#areblast – Black Friday discount day at AllRomance

Both Judged by Him and Ruled by Him are available on discount on AllRomance for two days. You can search for other Black Friday offers using the #areblast product tag. Sublime Trust Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities. Gemma – a millionaire’s wife … Continue reading

#WipitUp – On board Reunion

Welcome to Wip it up Wednesday – the day to celebrate hardworking authors and their work in progress… except…. This excerpt isn’t really a work in progress, but I am working on the next in the Sublime Trust series, Ruled by Him, so I thought I’d share something from Judged by Him. After an unplanned separation, … Continue reading



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I will spank you until I am satisfied and I believe you have atoned.

Erotic D/s Romance with Kinky Games

I really want to get to know you, Saffron. All of you. I want to taste you.

BDSM BOX SET available on Kindle Unlimited for free

What I care about is trust. I need, we both need, to trust each other absolutely.

Amazon Historical Erotica bestseller

For the duration of this, you will address me as my lord.

Spanking Romance

A disciplined mind will learn to curb her tongue.

Erotic Romance

Passions collide, will they survive?

Regency Romance

Just as you favour the uniform outwardly, I favour the well-behaved wife, visible to all, especially me

Victorian Romance

Viola was achieving the impossible: she had reawakened a deeply buried need in him.

BDSM D/s Series

You will find your submission and cling to it. Sink into it. You will let go and remind yourself who controls you. My dominance will hold sway, undiluted and unabated, until I am satiated.

I will give you protocols, specific rules to follow to help you cope.

Wait for me in my stateroom in a suitable pose, something that will please me. I have expectations

Star-crossed lovers

Enemies by day, lovers by night

Off-world Romance

I promise to be all that you desire in a wife.

Erotic Romance involving Bondage

Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely

Swinging Sixties Romance

I’m going to take care of you, just like last time. I will get you up every morning, tuck you up at night, make sure you are safe

BDSM erotica

One day, all I will have to do is kiss you, and you will come for me