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#Satspanks – over she goes!

Hello!  We’re warming up for Saturday Spankings. Over a log she goes and this is just the start of her punishment. Poor Sophia, but if she’d listened to him and not picked poisonous berries, she’d not be outside, naked and in trouble. *** “I know what makes it difficult—your nudity. However, there is nobody here … Continue reading

#WipitUp – Over the Captain’s knee.

This was a close call. Sitting here, wondering what I’d forgotten to do and whoah – it’s WipitUp day. So rummaging around my works in progress folder, I thought I would share a WIP which is unedited, but I’m working on it, so it deserves a little airing. This is going to be a spanking … Continue reading

#satspanks – #Spanked in the garden

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and another snippet from my new release Alice and the Colonel. Last week, after a few badly chosen words while walking in the garden, Alice had found herself over the newly wed husband’s knee hoping he might change his mind. Did he? *** The smack, loud and forceful, reached her ears … Continue reading

#Satspanks – Brat in the garden

Welcome to Saturday Spanking blog hop. I hope you enjoy this snippet from my new Regency romance due to be released shortly. Young Alice has married Colonel Edmund Seymour, saving her from disgrace. Things don’t get off to a good start. The day after their wedding, while walking in the garden, she calls her husband … Continue reading

Satspanks – outdoors and OTK

I’ve returned to Taught to Serve for his week’s spanking snippet and since it is spring time, it is time to be outside. Does it sound thrilling – the idea of being spanked outside?  Placed over a knee, knickers down and squirming with embarrassment. Will they be seen?  Do they actually care? A bench in … Continue reading

The birch – then and now

Birching used to be a very traditional judicial punishment in the UK, and across Europe. It was primarily used on young male offenders and involved the police or prison services. The last bastion of the birch, after everywhere else had banned it, was the Isle of Man (Island in the Irish Sea). I remember as … Continue reading

Saturday Spankings – Out in the woods

This week I’ve picked a passage from Trust Me to Own You. The idea of being spanked outside, in the open air and the risk of being spied upon, can add an extra thrill or maybe it might humiliate further. Submissive wife Gemma has had a tough week finding out about her limits while on … Continue reading

An excerpt and a decision

Another short excerpt from book 2  – Trust Me to Own You.  Gemma and Jason have been hosting a grand garden party and the guests have all left, the marquee is empty and Jason is feeling amorous. I’ve now put up three excerpts and I have a decision to make. For most eBook distributors, a … Continue reading

Another snippet from book two

Another little snippet from book 2 (Trust Me to Own You). A little forest spanking for Gemma and her Dominant.  She is living out a fantasy – isn’t that always fun?!  He isn’t so enthusiastic but what delights her can delight him too especially if he can draw out her lust for him. He watches … Continue reading



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I will spank you until I am satisfied and I believe you have atoned.

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I really want to get to know you, Saffron. All of you. I want to taste you.

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What I care about is trust. I need, we both need, to trust each other absolutely.

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For the duration of this, you will address me as my lord.

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A disciplined mind will learn to curb her tongue.

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Just as you favour the uniform outwardly, I favour the well-behaved wife, visible to all, especially me

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Viola was achieving the impossible: she had reawakened a deeply buried need in him.

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You will find your submission and cling to it. Sink into it. You will let go and remind yourself who controls you. My dominance will hold sway, undiluted and unabated, until I am satiated.

I will give you protocols, specific rules to follow to help you cope.

Wait for me in my stateroom in a suitable pose, something that will please me. I have expectations

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Enemies by day, lovers by night

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I promise to be all that you desire in a wife.

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Touched in ways she never thought possible, Tania meets a man who will take her completely

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I’m going to take care of you, just like last time. I will get you up every morning, tuck you up at night, make sure you are safe

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One day, all I will have to do is kiss you, and you will come for me